Hello Tiger Family!

What’s  New at Karshner: Over Spring Break the PSD Operations Department will install a video intercom system at Karshner Elementary. This will provide greater security on campus. Cameras installed at the front entrance of the school will provide staff with a visual of each visitor. A monitor and intercom in the main office will provide staff the ability to see visitors and talk with them.
As a result: 
​on May 1, 2017

· If a person activates the intercom and the staff answering knows who the person is and that person is authorized to enter the building, the staff member can just press the un-lock button and let that person in.

· If the person is unknown to the staff member, that staff member is to ask their name, reason for their visit and to please show their identification.

· If the person does not have their identification, the staff member informs the person that they cannot let them into the building without proper identification.

· PSD employees are to simply use their badge to gain access to the building and are not to allow someone to enter the building behind you.

Safety Caution: Please do not stand on the fence line or call students over during recess to talk or hand them items. This is a safety concern and Law Enforcement will be notified. Any parent(s)/visitor(s)  wishing to visit students during the school day must report to the  main office. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

In Service,

LaShawnda Baldwin, Principal