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Hello Tiger Families,

I'm excited to start the new school year at Karshner. I have been working in schools for two decades. My most favorite grade level has been elementary, where I served as a math tutor in Oakland, CA in early 00's to school counselor at Karshner Elementary. I am back home to serve the Karshner community the principal. I am a proud father of two boys and a son to the most amazing parents in the world. I am fluent in Spanish and English. My favorite hobby is gardening and building Legos with my boys.

As an educator, I believe that all students come to school with a unique set of skills and talents. It is up to the school to help build confidence in your students and allow them to discover the power of their uniqueness. Elementry schools are tasked to create a love for learning, acadmic success in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science, and most importanly have all our students acheive a sense of belonging and self-worth. Together as a Karshner community, and with the help of our families, we will make this a truly amazing school. Please make sure to visit the school website and read our bi-weekly newsletters sent of ParentSquare for important upcoming events.  

We have gone through some of the hardest times and hopefully over the global pandemic. As we are getting ready for a new school year to begin, we want to focus on bringing the joy and wonder back to school. Please find ways to become invovled with our Tiger community. Many hands make light work! Also like and follow us on Facebook! 

In Service,

Eduardo Nunez
Principal at Karshner